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Thrilling Motive

I multiplied my assets but my liabilities rose too,

I now pray to have bigger hands to manage the two,

And when I had bigger hands- my imagination flew,

I grew with it in equal measure-displacing Displacement,

Gnawing at Reality, humming to enchanting Delirium,

Only to realize my portfolio wasn’t complete,

Without Greater Virtue- I’m struck by Wonder,

An unsettling thought- would it be wise to seek,

And seek again- this time for all of Virtue,

Or would this be an unnamed Vice-to seek all,

And can one do justice to these without motive,

Of course, the only strings are strung with Hope,

And tied to Destiny- our balloon rises,

We are not blown by the wind of Fortune,

But by storms of Kindness, effused by Sincerity,

Propelling us into a dizzying flightless Parody,

For Motive again questions the thrill,

And we land without Faith-ne’er to rise again.