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Passing On

The blue skies open their wings,

Enveloping us with careful will,

Nudging us, as it prods us on,

Blowing drafts of wind,in its carefree sojourn,

The ground has shaken but bears the brunt,

For we are shaken when it takes affront.


Whether on cloud nine or ground zero,

We are rendered breathless by each turn,

Grounding ourselves is an important phase,

With a safe landing to resist the pace,

Ominously separating us from ourselves,

And then gathering dust to cloud our taste.


Life teaches Man to taste his success,

But then asks him to suffer in distaste,

A man would know well to prolong his efforts,

Enjoying the fodder with due process,

He climbs to the top, with little to digress,

Alas-there’s another at the helm,he fails to digest.


If failure and succcess are singly exclusive,

There is really no way, but cleaning the surface,

Wiping out boundaries can be painfully simple,

And creating new lines can desert our wishes,

Dealers of hope-beware of your fortune,

Keepers of destiny-parade your passion.


The stars are struck as new waves are made,

Emotions surge as new stakes are laid,

We live to die, ploughing our sinful way,

Are star-struck when our achievements are paid,

We pass on and away-they then realize,

Our rides were all futile and all is laid to rest.

Published in a literary and artistic journal: The River