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Dispersing Agony

The tantrums are just the way we say,

For all things we’ve believed and prayed,

The seeds were sown all day in cheerful ray,

Alas! The outburst of anger has sailed and derailed.


Protests stand rooted while at heart,

Standing tall through withering hopelessness.

The authority has the audacity to question this art,

And reverse all said with acute thoughtlessness.


The graceful borders have sunk with the hit,

From the impact, the battle against tyranny is won.

The rulers are ousted with the mounted grit,

Raising the fortified borders in the ruthless sun.


Storms have come but with a rainbow of hope,

Bruising the legs but sparing the eye of the storm.

Events are churned to flattering heights to cope,

And brought down in time to their relaxed form.


The peace of the fortune is descending upon,

In the whirr of new machines; sparking a dawn,

Of all things bright, the leaf is turned thereupon,

And the amassed agony of years is arrested to spawn.