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Sunlit Darkness

The moon is virtuously fettered,

With the veil of the sun’s luminosity,

Shadows of hope glitteringly litter,

Sunlit darkness sways.

Published in Four And Twenty(4 lines,20 words):Sunlit Darkness


Valley of Life

Earth and water are fashioned to be,

A creative semblance that unlocks the key,

With a brandish; cutting the bands of serenity free,

Leniently possessed by the roots of a binding degree.


The stream is flowing in a hushed tone,

Laying the steadfast water set in stone,

The vacillating tendrils ashore is sewn,

Bearing the rhythm of the ripple zone.


When yellow and blue shades strike as so true,

The green doesn’t take away from the surreal hue,

Entangled in harmony and hard to undo,

With crystal clear intent that soaks the dew.


Glory has ensued; thus it shall live on,

The temptress stream enveils the land that’s forlorn,

Charmingly caressing it as the earth is reborn,

While harvesting in mesmeric beauty that it leaps to don.


Life is at its unfettered best in this scene,

Indulging in an indolence that is uniquely clean,

Snaking through bends to discover a fresher green,

The grass is always greener for all to be seen.

Tracing Tracks

Staring at the majestically sinewy track,

A restive follower dropped his empty sack.

Glancing at the uncommonly wide-eyed crack,

Commoners dropped him nothing to stack.


The world is semi-permeable to the questioning gaze,

Asking some to beg more and seldom laze,

Answers to life are gravely set ablaze,

As buildings of doubt are set to raze.


He showed no grace with a grieving heart,

Relaxing his muscles to do his part,

His life starts with an open heart,

To the foibles of the world in a heavy cart.


The ashes with the winds are blowing,

Of all things dead and thoughts glowing,

Charred to the depths of the soul flowing,

The ashes are set in a handsome bowing.


The eyes of the passers ineffectively looked,

Going about their chores blindly hooked.

There isn’t the usual irritant beseechingly booked,

Inflicting his squint on their plans cooked.