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If Only

If only I had known my problem then,

I would have reaped my fortune with added ken.

If only I had known my problem then,

I would have changed the place of my den.


The ocean of knowledge has sucked me in,

Tossing me about in a bid to desperately sin.

I experience the tossing in mind akin,

Outdoing the tossing in the oceanic din.


Titanic doubts were cast on me,

Whether I could swim or pretend to be,

Or dance to the sounds of melancholy,

The virus was spreading pandemically free.


Is greatness a choice for us to leveragingly keep?

Hidden in inhibited fear to benignly seek,

When weakness is all there is to seep,

Given the dormant potential so ineffably deep.


The voices keep prodding me to start,

Is it too late to do myself apart?

Re-discovering form in a deadly dart,

To hit my target with all my part.


Prime Connection

Perched at the bus stand my musings stood,

Halting its impulsive train on the mundane wood.

The trees sang in organic harmony with their heavy hood,

Dropping flowers of all colours like they ne’er would.


My journey hasn’t started but I hummed along,

Communing with Nature travelling a furlong.

My bus misses my travels strumming a different song,

While it uses a frequency of a stronger prong.


My heartbeat sounded from a melodious tine,

Following the tune of my mind’s whining pine.

A harmonious body and mind to suavely align,

With the forces of nature for a heady trine,


Changes in tune have a marked impact,

As sounds in the rush and swirl sway to distract.

There is an association to time that’s vaguely abstract,

Stifling the connection we’re given to protract.


The beauty of Nature is on an ethereal plane,

The mechanical works are in a rugged lane,

Sorting the two out decides our temporal vane,

With a measured tread to keep our vein.