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Stilling Journey

The smell of rain has dawned upon,

The flowers are ready to blossom yon,

Time has stilled on in a somber foregone,

The break of dawn is cracking into morn.


Light spreads on our petals as we glow,

Resonating with nature as we go with the flow,

A tranquil blessing while we start to grow,

And breathe life into the seeds we sow.


We stop our journey on the ladder of success,

And observe the veil of what we possess,

Caressing the art that we’ve carried to assess,

Musing upon what we cannot access.


An artist would look at his stark contrast,

Stalling creation as he takes a repast,

Thinking about the world he’s wants to go past,

In a ship driven by his creative mast.


Nature’s beats go on as before,

A pause is what we would like to have more,

To dream of casts and carve them to store,

Fulfilling our dreams as we head to the shore.

Awarded ‘Poem of the Week’ at Jingle Poetry for this entry: Stilling Journey


Warring Foes

The people from Sparta are wishing to slay,

And score a hatrick of victories with much to say,

They hoist their flags of joy in prepared hay,

Bustling into their strides to force their way.


Mammoths are looking to make a massive change,

To trample any team that sizes them to range,

In a lazy eloquence that’s fantastically strange,

They wield their might with stakes to re-arrange.


The Warriors have it in them to gallantly fight,

Shooting arrows of victory to stamp their might,

And proclaim their worth on a fearsome kite,

Tactics of war are their forte and no one’s taking them light.


Dragons are breathing fire like never,

Adding fuel to their plans to smoke others forever,

They’re fierce and strong and also raveningly clever,

Watch out for a battle with a unique flavour.


The Romans would look to do it best at home,

Expanding their empire as they build their dome,

They’re afflicted with quite a warring syndrome,

To vanquish their opponents in a crumbling comb.


Trojans are looking for a kingdom to defeat,

And scale the walls with all their feat,

They look to crush the teams like minced meat,

Coming out on top is an arduous task to meet.


Sultans are raring to go on a fight of authority,

Showing strengths of courage with touches of audacity,

A sultanate of power for the world in generosity,

To conquer it all with a wave of ferocity.


Mongols have a way of effectively tackling,

As their schemes are known to be utterly baffling,

The art of scoring is what causes much rattling,

To win their art of war is what leaves everyone battling.